About Steuart Bremner

Recurring themes in my work

Scale. Size is relative. Any object in our field of vision is a measurable size, but we apply relative relationships to the things we see and give them importance and/or weight relative to our past spatial experiences. Scale -- it's all in our head.

Focus. We can pick out a face in a crowd or isolate a particular thing from a busy background. We can hold a tiny object in the palm of our hand and ignore the weather, where we are, and our hand. We can see only the object. The power lines overhead can be an annoying distraction or vanish into the sunset. Choice is part of our ability to see.

Take—Away. Experiencing art is a person to person exchange. Information is presented from the artist to the viewer, and the viewer perceives with the senses, emotions and intellect. The artist can try to influence what the viewer will take away, by making decisions that sharpen the focus, but each experience is its own. What the viewer chooses to take from my work, I hope, returns in enhanced perception of other things the viewer has the opportunity to see in the world.


Steuart Bremner currently lives and works in Denver, Colorado.



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