Drawings after Stella

A sculpture is just a painting cut out and stood up somewhere.

--Frank Stella


In 2016, I drew sculptures of the 11 paintings in Frank Stella's series called Irregular Polygons. Stella painted these in the mid-60s. Mine, done in 2016, are drawings of a sculpture — in the exact form of the elements in each of Stella's shaped canvases. Being drawings, they are imaginary sculptures of common materials I use: string, nails, sticks. And these are materials I often draw.

Stella's paintings were very sculptural. The canvas was shaped to fit the painting - not a square or rectangle. But they are paintings so they are flat and full of color. And the effects of their composition are interesting and different when compared to one another.

To see all 11, the differences in the compositions are emphasized by the flat colors. My reproductions continue this emphasis because the objects are so ordinary, and you forget that you're looking at something that is an illusion of something three dimentional.