Steel Drawing 2015

In 2015, Bremner started a new series of line drawings in steel that push the 3-dimentional qualities of drawing. Steel Perspectives combine older version of his steel sculptures that re drawings in space with more animation, albeit not physical motion, but visual.

For several years following the completion of the public art sculpture for the county library, Moving Rock Field, Bremner made a series of steel drawings using the same stainless steel material that he knew would move well. The steel was curved, welded and sometimes slightly weighted. One or two of these are less than human height, but most are 12 feet tall or larger. This new series includes pieces that are much larger, and much smaller - tabletop pieces.

In the earliest photographs of these pieces, Bremner was surprised by how much nearly invisible the pieces become and how cleaver the human mind and eye are at finding so much more than the camera can. These sculptures have a lively presence and change with the weather; they move in wind and collect snow in the winter.