Tin Shop Drawings & Sculpture

In February of 2012, Steuart was the resident artist at the Tin Shop in Breckenridge. He used the studio provided to make very large drawings on paper — from a 4-foot wide roll of Fabiano hot press. The length of the finished drawings was about eight feet. In the steel shop in town, Breck Ironworks, he made companion sculptures for these drawings.

The elements that are the subject of these drawings and sculptures are the things Bremner often employs: a pencil, a cardboard box, sticks, and this time a drawn line and its shadow. The use of these simple elements is reminiscent of the work of artist, Richard Tuttle and become a subtle homage to Tuttle.

The sculptures combine many visual elements, like many present-day installations, but more unified and visually cohesive, also more easily moved. Readymade Installations is the series name for diverse group of sculptures made in metal from 2009 to the present that includes a piece with a pendulum, one with a metal copy of an elegant side table, and others that have the look of found-object assemblages, like the one with the fabricated cardboard box.